Cheaper Courses?

Yesterday (12.10.23) knowing that I was meeting up with Paul from S40 Local and wondering what it was I had to tell him about our business that people would want to read about I started to form an idea...

One of the things that regularly concerns me is how we can be more accessible in every way for everyone. We already do lots of things including, allowing those with anxiety to come in for a cuppa when the building is quiet to look around before they sign up for a course and differentiate our classes to allow learners with neurodiversity to access the learning. The first thing we did when we got the building was to take a chimney out, raise the floor and put some steelwork in to allow us to have an accessible toilet. But something we haven’t solved yet is financial accessibility as although we are not-for-profit we have overheads to cover and can’t give permanent discounts to those on low incomes as we don’t get funding. We regularly get asked if we give reduced rates for those on benefits like Derbyshire Adult Education do.

So another issue we have is sometimes we have spare places on workshops and courses, they have enough bookings to run but aren’t full. We like full sessions as it’s more sociable, which is a lot of what we are about, and people can learn from each other and be inspired by each other, not to mention making new friends. So this is the plan, an email that gets sent out a few days before or sometimes on the actual start day if we have a cancellation that lets people know what there are spaces on and to give them a 50% off discount code to book online.

Become a Volunteer!

So I thought while we are solving problems, why not add another one to the list. We simply can’t afford to pay enough staff to keep up with everything we would like to do including marketing, donating materials to other local organisations , keeping the building organised and starting up some more social crafting events. So we would love some volunteers and in return for helping out you too will join the lastminute.creatives list benefiting from last minute half price places on our sessions.

Once you get the email it will be first comefirst served in terms of who uses the code to book their places online. All places booked with the discount code will be subject to our normal terms and conditions.

Get on the lastminute.creatives list!

Simply fill in the contact form below including brief details of either your financial reasons or your availability to volunteer. If you have any questions please add them in the queries box on the form before submitting. We look forward to meeting you at a session soon.

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