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News & Crafty Chit-Chat

Getting started with encaustics

By Lisa Goddard | 6th March 2021

What is encaustic? Encaustic is an ancient art form dating all the way back to Egyptian art 100-300 AD The word encaustic originates from the Greek word enkaustikos which means to burn-in, and this element of heat is necessary for a painting to be called encaustic. It uses a mixture of beeswax and damar resin […]

Crafting with Sylvanians – The Christmas Show

By Karen Rogers | 3rd March 2021

Hi everyone, I’m 7 and I LOVE Sylvanian Families. I mean I really love them! My mum says I’m obsessed. I talk about Sylvanian Families, dream about Sylvanian Families, watch videos about Sylvanian Families, read about Sylvanian Families and of course play with Sylvanian Families. I even did my Brownies collecting badge about them! I […]

Organising your Fabric Stash!

By Alison Greer | 11th February 2021

You might have heard it said that sewing and collecting fabric are two completely different and unrelated hobbies. This might be true – but it shouldn’t be. All that beautiful fabric you’ve collected over time shouldn’t spend it’s time hidden away, gathering dust on shelves or in boxes. It deserves to see the light of […]

Finish off February

By Karen Rogers | 3rd February 2021

Back again for our third year our finish off February initiative has begun. Get ready for a month of tackling your long standing WIPS, cataloging your UFO’s and maybe even sorting out your yarn stash to boot. The idea is that for just one month a year you have a go at tackling your to […]

Me and My Watercolours

By Lisa Goddard | 14th January 2021

Not long ago if you’d have asked me what I thought of watercolours I’d probably have said they weren’t for me, that I much preferred acrylics however somewhere down the road I decided to pick them up and have another go. Probably thought all those gift sets I’d been given really shouldn’t go to waste, […]

StraightCurves 2021 Crochet Along Blanket

By Karen Rogers | 8th January 2021

We are soooo excited to reveal our first Crochet Along for 2021. After the success for our 2020 CAL we couldn’t wait to start another. Week one will be released from the 22 January onwards so that those who are itching to get started can but we are going to hold off releasing week two […]

StraightCurves Advent Calendar

By Karen Rogers | 1st December 2020
Straightcurves 2020 advent calendar

Hello and welcome to our advent calendar, this year we have decided that we all need a little something to keep us going and every day in December until that special one on the 25th we will bringing you a little something to enjoy! Lots of Love Karen and The StraightCurves Team x x x […]

Making Masks

By Alison Greer | 22nd July 2020

Last week I’ve finally succumbed to the need to make facemasks after the announcement of the upcoming change in Government guidance that face coverings will be mandatory in shops from 24th July. I dabbled in face masks a earlier in the pandemic, but as we have not been leaving the house except for supermarket shopping […]

Somewhere over the rainbow – Karen’s free pattern pick

By Karen Rogers | 15th July 2020

I thought I would share one of my favourite free patterns with you by Celeste Young. Some of you may already have seen it or had a go already and I promise you it really is a joy to do. The outer rows do take longer as with any pattern that works in the round […]

Get Foxy or Sheepish – Making Felting Kits

By Carol Wilson | 5th July 2020

I have been putting together some new batches of kits, starting with sheep and foxes.   The first step is washing the wool, an ideal job to get done when the weather is warm. The fox kits use white-faced woodland wool and sheep Lleyn. Both wools are ‘grown’ locally in the Peak District. The next […]