Local Craft Suppliers

Local Craft Suppliers

At StraightCurves, we're passionate about supporting businesses in the Chesterfield area. Here are a few of the local shops and businesses that we love:

Economy fabrics

Economy Fabrics

Whether you are just starting out, or already have a major fabric addiction, this place is for you as you can buy meters and meters of fabric without breaking the bank. there is always new stock coming in and loads to choose from. They have a wide range of fleece and polycottons and also stock wool mixes, voiles, hessian, wadding, buttons and many more shiny, pretty things - their ribbon selection is legendary! Andrea and Alan are fantastic and will help you out if you need a bit of advice - they are also happy to cut 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 or full meters allowing you to get just right amount for your project.

Please note, StraightCurves takes absolutely no responsibility for any injuries caused while lifting your new fabric and ribbon stash into your car (we go just for the exercise - honest).

Economy Fabrics Chesterfield, 44 Heath Road, Holmewood, Chesterfield, S42 5RA
Telephone: 01246 855155
Website: www.economy-fabrics.co.uk
Facebook: Economy Fabrics Chesterfield

The wool cabin

The Wool Cabin

If you need lots of wool at bargain prices, this is the only place to go. Dave is on the market most Saturdays and now also has a shop within the Market Hall. He has an ever-growing range of wool from basic DK acrylic to sock yarn, scrarf yarn, chunkies and lots lots more. He also stocks patterns, needles and hooks.

Please note StraightCurves takes absolutely no responsibility the fact that you may need to make several trips into town in order to carry your normal shopping home as well as your new yarn (We regularly have to do this and just see it as part of our fitness routine!)

The Wool Cabin, Unit 12 (indoor), Chesterfield Market Hall, Chesterfield, S40 1AR
Telephone: 07553 847483

Freds Haberdashery

Fred's Haberdashery

Frankly if Fred's don't have it you don't need it! Lorraine and Alan, the owners, are fantastic and passionate about everything they do and sell. Fred's has recently moved into this new, bigger, shop and now has even more range to buy from and there is more downstairs too so if you can't see it ask and one of the friendly staff will be able to help you out. So whether you need some fancy trim, a particular type of button, a rotary cutter, a tatting tool, sparkly things or elegant feathers - it's there waiting for you. If you are a member of the StraightCurves Creative Club and you take your membership card along she will even knock 10% off your bill.

Please note, StraightCurves takes absolutely no responsibility for the number of pretty bits and bobs (and bobbins) that will accumulate in your home (we're too busy trying to find places for all of ours!)

Freds Haberdashery, Unit 8 (opposite Natwest), Market Hall, Chesterfield, S40 1AR
Telephone: 01246 204504
Website: www.freds-haberdashery.co.uk
Facebook: Freds Haberdashery

Esberger Fabrics

Esberger Fabrics

Based in the Market Hall, Esberger's is the perfect destination if you are in town and need some fabric or a dressmaking pattern. They have loads to choose from and are very helpful. They have cottons, polycottons, a great range of oil cloth, fat quarters and much much more. They even do flooring! If you are a member of the StraightCurves Creative Club and you take your membership card along, they will even knock 10% off your bill.

Please note StraightCurves takes absolutely no responsibility for any extra storage needed to accomodate your new extended fabric stash at home or the sudden desire to buy oilcloth for no real functional reason - just because it's pretty.

Esbergers Fabrics, Unit 33, The Market Hall, Low Pavement, Chesterfield, S40 1AR‎
Telephone: 01246 201330
Facebook: Esberger Fabrics

Wingham wool work

Wingham Wool Work

This is a more recent discovery - and what an amazing one it is! This place literally has sheds and sheds of wool for felting and other things too. They have an incredible range of different fibres including recycled sari yarn, recycled plastic bottles, kemp, merino, wool, cotton, bamboo and too many others to mention. They also stock lots of other bits and bobs too. Ruth is lovely and gave me a guided tour when I went to visit including showing me the roller felting machine that they hire out for people to use.

Please note StraightCurves takes absolutely no responsibility for hours spent ooohing and aaaahing while you try to decide how much to buy and what you can fit in the car (we order ours online now, to ensure we only get what we need!)

Wingham Wool Work, 70 Main Street, Wentworth, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S62 7TN
Telephone: 01226 742926
Website: www.winghamwoolwork.co.uk
Facebook: Wingham Wool Work

Sewing machine work

It's a shame we can't source everything locally!

We love the John Lewis Mini Sewing Machines for beginners and children - they come in lots of pretty colours and (at time of writing) are less than £50!

If you want something a bit sturdier - to use for dressmaking and other general sewing, Janome are the place to go

We teach from and stock Simplicity patterns - we have a small range available to purchase in the studio, but you can order any of their current patterns from us!