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Blog & Crafty Chit-Chat

Solar Dyeing

By Lisa Goddard | 6th October 2022

Solar Dyeing The recent heatwave gave me the perfect excuse to try out a technique i’ve been curious about for a while. Solar dyeing is a technique that utilises the sun and natural materials to dye fabrics and yarns. Using the UV light of the sun to help fix the dye, it is an eco […]

Retro Upcycled Make Over

By Karen Rogers | 17th April 2022

I love this chair it’s older than me and it’s from the same place, Australia. Unfortunately Jess has previously decided it made a good litter tray and when I used bicarb of soda on it to remove the smell it has become unsightly. I had considered removing all the fabric and replacing but it’s structural […]

Feel Fabulous February

By Karen Rogers | 5th February 2022
Temperature Blanket WIP

This is our fourth year and we felt it was time for a little change hence the new name rather than Finish Off February. Originally this was month of tackling your long standing WIPS, cataloging your UFO’s and maybe even sorting out your yarn stash to boot. The idea is that for just one month […]

How to Choose a Pattern for Beginner’s Dressmaking

By Alison Greer | 7th June 2021

When you first start out dressmaking the amount of choice available in dressmaking patterns can be overwhelming! Don’t worry I’m here to help you choose and get the most out of your first dressmaking experience. Although the course is called “Beginner’s Dressmaking” you can make any garment you choose, for any age or gender. However […]

Eco Dyed Paper

By Lisa Goddard | 8th May 2021

This is a technique I came across a couple of years ago and something I love to do. It is great for creating really interesting papers that I add into the journals that I make. You can go out foraging for leaves and flowers to use or if you have been bought a beautiful bunch […]

What it’s like to live with a seamstress…

By Alison Greer | 5th May 2021

What it’s like to live with a seamstress… I asked my nearest and dearest what it’s like having someone in the family who sews. Here are some of their answers. Risk of getting stabbed by pins. Constantly in fear for my feet in any carpeted area where the pins are likely to stay hidden until […]

Crafting with Sylvanians Part 2 – A New Home for the Dogs

By Karen Rogers | 2nd April 2021

On Friday I bought the Toy Poodle Twins, Mia and Max. So, on Saturday I decided to make a new home for the dogs because now I have five of them. Before, their house was teeny, in a little box. They needed to move into somewhere bigger. Rachael, Veronica, Max & Mia, William I used […]

Art Journaling as Therapy

By Lisa Goddard | 2nd April 2021

Art journaling has been a constant in my life for over 15 years now. I do it for many reasons, for the enjoyment, as a place to experiment and play, try out new mediums and ideas. To record my memories and experiences and as a place to process complex and sometimes difficult emotions. It is […]

Cute Comforters Kit

By Karen Rogers | 1st April 2021
all cute comforters from the Cute Comforter Crochet Kit in a basket

Our cute comforters kit is a great make for a mum to be as a baby shower gift or if they are craftier than you why not buy them a kit so they can enjoy making it as well. The pattern includes details on how to make all three blanket designs and all three character […]

Bubble Bag

By Karen Rogers | 23rd March 2021
Display of completed bags from the StraightCurves Bubble Bag Kit

We have been looking forward to launching this bubble bag design for what feels like ages and finally it’s here! This fabulous kit comes in two sizes and has an embroidery add on kit too. The bags are truly beautiful and can be used as project bags, toy bags, laundry bags or even a summer […]