What makes us, us.

An usual blog topic for me today but every summer I spend some time reviewing how things are going and where we are headed. This summer was a little different as I started a new part time job this week back in school as I missed the big the classes of kids from all backgrounds that we don’t always get at StraightCurves. So far I’m loving being back in a ‘real’ classroom although remembering nearly 200 new names is a challenge.

StraightCurves is not a ‘normal’ business the factors that motivate us differ from those of other similar arts and crafts providers. Don’t get me wrong we are not always better than the others but definitely different! I set up the business to try and ensure that some things I had seen and not liked in other situations did not happen at our studios. Mostly I think we are successful at this which is great.

Behind everything we do is a goal of providing an inclusive environment in all ways ensuring that people of all kinds and ages feel relaxed and supported to enjoy learning and experimenting in our sessions. We provide cuppas, biscuits, an listening ear and an approachable tutor who will answer the stupid questions often more happily than the serious ones! We love a giggle and do on a regular basis.

I want to provide a range of creative sessions at many different times so that people who work are equally able to attend as those who have children and need to come during school hours. Unfortunately we have not had any funding towards our running costs and do not want to be a shop, therefore our prices can be higher than some places.  We simply do not have the resources to enable us to lower our prices or a desire to dilute your experience by having larger class sizes. Small class sizes enable us to help everyone and support anyone with mastering the basics or extending their skills with more complex ideas.

Over the years I have been bothered and disadvantaged by various competitors and this has affected my mental health at many times and still does occasionally as I love my business like a child so anything that upsets it upsets me. However I am happy to say that I am getting much better at letting this go. We are different and a very special small business and I honestly don’t think that anyone does what we do, like we do!

On that note I would like to thank everyone, from tutors, my long suffering DIY Dad (who can be seen today repairing our ground floor bay window) and our support staff who we really could not carry on with out (especially Joanne and Isabel). We have now been in existence for over 6 years and hope to carry on for many, many more. If you haven’t been for a while please come and see us whether that means booking on a course or just popping in for a cup of tea, you are what makes us, us and without you we would not exist!

With much thanks and love to you all, Karen x x x