Meet Liz & Kate

AKA the Pope twins - Illustrators & Designers of all things that go onto any surface, we love to add a little bit of our unique wacky-ness & fun into every piece we create!

Liz & Kate both love to draw inspiration from everyday things in life. Kate loves visiting coastal areas, especially Padstow & St Ives in Cornwall. Her favourite colour is blue(!) so any excuse for a little extra vitamin sea! She enjoys taking photographs along her travels and seeing patterns within every landscape, she then takes a piece in her own unique way developing almost a patchwork of colour and pattern, layering collaged papers, paint and ink work. 

Liz is more for the finer detail, although she always has the messiest desk! She enjoys to experiment with line qualities and has recently enjoyed illustrating 3 crossword books in pen and ink. Liz enjoys sketching the simple things in every day life, like a twisted telephone line or old fashioned wonky street sign! 

Kate & Liz Pope tutors at StraightCurves

Liz & Kate's Classes at StraightCurves