StraightCurves 2021 Crochet Along Blanket

We are soooo excited to reveal our first Crochet Along for 2021. After the success for our 2020 CAL we couldn’t wait to start another. Week one will be released from the 22 January onwards so that those who are itching to get started can but we are going to hold off releasing week two until the 5 February to allow for those who are waiting for payday to get their yarn packs and get started.
Our 16 week CAL is now completed and we are offering a printed A4 pattern booklet and wool as a kit available to pre-order now and should be ready for collection mid May onwards. The kits still include support via social media and email but it is not a taught course.
Single 2021 CAL blanket kit – Ocean Passion colourway £29
10 balls of Stylecraft Special Yarn
Double 2021 CAL blanket kit – Ocean Passion colourway £48
19 Balls of Stylecraft Special Yarn
Single 2021 CAL blanket kit – Raspberry Tiramisu colourway £32
12 balls of Stylecraft Special Yarn
Double 2021 CAL blanket kit – Raspberry Tiramisu colourway £58
24 balls of Stylecraft Special Yarn
Pictures to follow soon.
Details of kit contents as below with the printed A4 pattern booklet too.
What does the kit include?
The single yarn pack is £27 and includes 10 balls of Stylecraft Special DK yarn and 16 weeks of written and diagrammatic crochet patterns emailed direct to you. The double pack to make a larger blanket available including 19 balls of yarn for £46. You will need a 4.5mm crochet hook, a knitters/tapestry needle and a pair of scissors as these are not included.
We can post either kit to you within mainland UK for an extra £7.50 (single pack) £10 (double pack).
All payments are made remotely through a payment link on iZettle allowing you to pay by card from the comfort of your own home.
How does it work?
After signing up and paying we will arrange for safe collection or delivery of your yarn pack. You will need a 4.5mm crochet hook, a knitters/tapestry needle and a pair of scissors as these are not included. On the start date you will receive an email with a pdf pattern attached for that weeks 7 rows in both written and diagrammatic form. Patterns will be released by email every Friday ready for your weekend treat of crocheting.
There will be 16 weeks of patterns sent out including just over 100 rows and the border pattern. The single pack involves repeating these 16 weeks of pattern once to make the 200+ row blanket shown in the pictures. So if you do a row a day the blanket will be complete in approx 32 weeks (although obviously the second half may be quicker once you get the hang of things).
Who is it for?
This is suitable for anyone who know all the basic crochet stitches and how to read a pattern. Its a great first project after our beginners crochet course. It is a crochet along so although the process is supported by the designer and crochet tutor, Karen, to help when you get stuck it is not a taught course. The pattern is published in both written form and diagrammatic form so there is something for everyone’s preference. The crochet along is supported through a facebook group and email queries.
How big is the finished blanket?
Obviously everyone’s tension varies but based on my tension (I’m a little on the loose side) the single pack made a blanket approx 108cm (42.5″) wide by 164cm (64.5″) long. There was some wool left but different amounts of each colour. I designed it to this size to make it manageable as a project having just completed a 3m x 3m blanket I wanted something easier both in difficulty, size on my lap and length of row to be able to see it grow every week.
A double pack will make a blanket double the size of the single pack but the pattern is flexible so you can vary the width and length to suit what you are after. For example the double pack could make a blanket around 162cm (64″) wide by 246cm (96″) long. Please bear in mind you are doubling the wool quantity so you can only double one dimension if you wanted a blanket double the width and double the length you would need four times as much wool (as your old math teacher say and maths will be useful for the rest of life).
The pattern is designed in a way that means it can easily be adapted to make different sized blankets and also simple smaller items such as cushion covers. We are happy to offer advice about sizes and wool quantities if you have any please include these when you contact us to join so we can get you sorted before we get started.
How do I order my pack and join in?
If you want to join in please email us on stating
your name
phone number
single £27 or double pack £46
free collection or posted £7.50 (single pack) £10 (double pack)
If posted we also need your full postal address.
We will then send you a link to pay and arrange collection or posting with you.
Can I order just the pattern without the wool?
We have decided after many requests that you can also join in without buying the yarn pack if you wish the pattern emailed weekly costs just £9 for the 16 week period. You will get emailed previous weeks as soon as you pay and the rest will be released weekly you will still have access to support just like everyone else.
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