School Holidays 2017 – full listing

Our Summer Holiday activity listings for 2017 are listed below.

All sessions must be booked in advance (although if you give us a bell at least 1 hour before the session we may be able to squeeze you in). All prices include all materials needed during the session, squash and biscuits for the child and cuppas for the adults. If your child is super quick at making we will also have a colouring in activity available to keep them busy for the full session.

Children aged 6 and younger must be accompanied by a parent or carer at all times, older children can be dropped off and picked up for the sessions if you wish. There will be limited places available on each session depending on difficulty and space required to ensure everyone gets the attention they deserve.

More information regarding the sessions is available by following the link from the activity name.


Mon 31st July09:45 – 11:00Little Creatives (2-4yrs)£5.00
Tue 1st Aug09:30 – 15:30Crafty School – Tigers, Lions and Fairies! (6-16yrs)£33.00
Tue 1st Aug09:45 – 10:15JumpingCLAY Magnets – Tigers (3-16yrs)£3.50
Tue 1st Aug13:30 – 15:15Mixed media craft models – JumpingCLAY Lion and Mouse Clock (7-16yrs)£13.50
Tue 1st Aug10:30 – 11:00Papercraft – Making a Fairy Wand (3-16yrs)£3.00
Tue 1st Aug11:15 – 12:15Woolcraft – Weaving Bookmarks (6-16yrs)£6.50
Thu 3rd Aug09:30 – 15:30Crafty School – Monsterous fun! (6-16yrs)£33.00
Thu 3rd Aug11:15 – 12:15Art-tastic – Painting Monster Portraits (6-16yrs)£7.00
Thu 3rd Aug10:30 – 11:00Cake Decorating – Alien Cakes (3-16yrs)£4.00
Thu 3rd Aug09:45 – 10:15JumpingCLAY Monster Bookmarks (3-16yrs)£3.50
Fri 4th Aug09:45 – 10:15Little Creatives (2-4yrs)£5.00
Tue 8th Aug09:30 – 15:30Crafty School – Twitwit Tewooooo! (6-16yrs)£33.00
Tue 8th Aug09:45 – 10:15JumpingCLAY Pencil Toppers – Owls (5-16yrs)£3.75
Tue 8th Aug10:30 – 11:00Cake Decorating – Owl Cup Cake (3-16yrs)£4.00
Tue 8th Aug11:15 – 12:15JumpingCLAY 3D Models – Pair of Owls (6-16yrs)£7.00
Tue 8th Aug13:30 – 15:15Hand Sewing – Felt Owl (7-16yrs)£12.00
Thu 10th Aug09:30 – 15:30Crafty School – Koalas, lizards and monkeys (6-16yrs)£33.00
Thu 10th Aug09:45 – 10:15JumpingCLAY Magnets – Koalas (3-16yrs)£3.50
Thu 10th Aug11:15 – 12:15JumpingCLAY Pencil Toppers – Lizards (5-16yrs)£7.50
Thu 10th Aug10:30 – 11:00Woolcraft – Sticking Woolly Pictures (3-16yrs)£3.00
Thu 10th Aug13:30 – 15:15Hand Sewing – Sock Monkeys (7-16yrs)  £13.50
Sat 12th Aug12:30 – 14:00Children’s Art Club (6-18yrs)£8.50
Mon 14th Aug09:45 – 11:00Little Creatives (2-4yrs)£5.00
Tue 15th Aug09:30 – 15:30Crafty School – Flowers, hedgehogs and pompom pals (6-16yrs)£33.00
Tue 15th Aug13:30 – 15:15JumpingCLAY 3D Models – Family of hedgehogs (7-16yrs)£12.00
Tue 15th Aug09:45 – 10:15JumpingCLAY Bookmarks – Flowers (3-16yrs)£3.50
Tue 15th Aug10:30 – 11:00Woolcraft – Pompom pals (3-16yrs)£3.00
Tue 15th Aug11:15 – 12:15Art-tastic – Creature Cartoons (5-16yrs)£6.50
Thu 17th Aug09:30 – 15:30Crafty School – Sheep, pigs and sewing too! (6-16yrs)£33.00
Thu 17th Aug09:45 – 10:15JumpingCLAY Magnets – Pigs (3-16yrs)£3.50
Thu 17th Aug10:30 – 11:00Cake Decorating – Ladybird Cup Cake (3-16yrs)£4.00
Thu 17th Aug11:15 – 12:15JumpingCLAY 3D Models – Sheep Model (5-16yrs)£7.00
Thu 17th Aug13:30 – 15:15Hand Sewing – Pictures in Stitches (7-16yrs)£12.00
Fri 18th Aug09:45 – 11:00Little Creatives (2-4yrs)£5.00
Mon 21st Aug09:45 – 11:00Little Creatives (2-4yrs)£5.00
Tue 22nd Aug09:30 – 15:30Crafty School – Things at the Bottom of the Garden (6-16yrs)£33.00
Tue 22nd Aug09:45 – 10:15JumpingCLAY Pencil Toppers – Flowers (3-16yrs)£3.75
Tue 22nd Aug10:30 – 11:00JumpingCLAY 3D Models – Pair of Caterpillars (3-16yrs)£3.50
Tue 22nd Aug11:15 – 12:15Mixed media craft models – Pair of Cacti (5-16yrs)£8.00
Tue 22nd Aug13:30 – 15:15Mixed media craft models – Painting a Ceramic Gnome (7-16yrs)£12.50
Thu 24th Aug09:30 – 15:30Crafty School – Circus Fun! (6-16yrs)£33.00
Thu 24th Aug10:30 – 11:00Cake Decorating – Cheeky Monkey Cup Cake (3-16yrs)£4.00
Thu 24th Aug13:30 – 15:15JumpingCLAY 3D Models – Trio of Acrobatic Monkeys (7-16yrs)£12.00
Thu 24th Aug11:15 – 12:15JumpingCLAY 3D Models – Juggling Teddy Bear (7-16yrs)£7.50
Thu 24th Aug09:45 – 10:15JumpingCLAY Magnets – Dizzy Elephant (3-16yrs)£3.50
Fri 25th Aug09:45 – 11:00Little Creatives (2-4yrs)£5.00
Sat 26th Aug12:30 – 14:00Children’s Art Club (6-18yrs)£8.50
Mon 28th Aug09:45 – 11:00Little Creatives (2-4yrs)£5.00
Tue 29th Aug09:30 – 15:30Crafty School – Pretty Beads, Patterns and Pandas! (6-16yrs)£33.00
Tue 29th Aug11:15 – 12:15Badgemaking – Badge and Mirror Making Pattern-tastic (5-16yrs)£7.50
Tue 29th Aug10:30 – 11:00Basic Beadwork – Beaded Bracelets (3-16yrs)£3.50
Tue 29th Aug13:30 – 15:15Hand Sewing – Felt Mirror Case (7-16yrs)£12.50
Tue 29th Aug09:45 – 10:15JumpingCLAY Magnets – Pandas (3-16yrs)£3.50
Thu 31st Aug09:30 – 15:30Crafty School – All at Sea! (6-16yrs)£33.00
Thu 31st Aug10:30 – 11:00Cake Decorating – Fish Cup Cake (3-16yrs)£4.00
Thu 31st Aug09:45 – 10:15JumpingCLAY Magnets – Crabs (3-16yrs)£3.50
Thu 31st Aug13:30 – 15:15Mixed media craft models – JumpingCLAY Fish in a Jar (7-16yrs)£12.50
Thu 31st Aug11:15 – 12:15Woolcraft – Woolly Octopus (5-16yrs)£7.50
Fri 1st Sept09:45 – 11:00Little Creatives (2-4yrs)£5.00