Retro Upcycled Make Over

This is one of my favourite chairs and it’s older than me!

I love this chair it’s older than me and it’s from the same place, Australia. Unfortunately Jess has previously decided it made a good litter tray and when I used bicarb of soda on it to remove the smell it has become unsightly. I had considered removing all the fabric and replacing but it’s structural as the chair folds and the chair has been built around the fabric so it would have been a much bigger job.

Yesterday morning I had a different idea to just make a cover that could be removable to wash should the lovely Jess strike again! Having searched through my stash of retro fabric I finally settled on this one which is a curtain I purchased from Curious Cleo who are based in Dronfield.

My chosen fabric a retro orange and red curtain

Next I set about measuring the chair which as luck wouldn’t have it was not the same size all the way up but got smaller towards the top. I then folded the curtain in half on the centre of the pattern repeat as I wanted it to be symmetrical even though it would waste a strip of the lovely stuff. I then set about marking up the fabric with the different sizes at the the different points of the chair. I added a seam allowance too and measured to the centre of the edge so the fabric would fold over a little to allow me to sew it together by hand later on.

Cutting the retro fabric outer
Using the cut piece as a template for the lining

I then used the cut piece as a template to cut my lining which was an old orange bed sheet to the same size. Next with right sides together I sewed hems all the way round leaving a small gap at the base to allow me to bag it out. I made use of the original hems of both items to avoid wastage and to create a neater edge. I then clipped my corners, checked it fitted and machine sewed up the gap.

Sewing the hems

Lastly I hand sewed up the left and right edges at the top and the base of the chair to hold it in place. My plan should miss pee-a-lot strike again (aka Jess) is to unpick these stitches as do again. I could have used elastic or straps to hold it place but decided to go for the simplest option to get it completed in one sitting, and avoid the UFO pile. It took me about 2 hours from start to finish and I am so happy with the result, it really pops in my dark blue craft room. Hopefully this will inspire you to get creative this bank holiday. If you don’t know how to use a machine I have a beginners course over the next bank holiday weekend, meaning you can complete the whole course in three days.

Happy sewing, Karen x

The completed chair cover