Me and My Watercolours

Not long ago if you’d have asked me what I thought of watercolours I’d probably have said they weren’t for me, that I much preferred acrylics however somewhere down the road I decided to pick them up and have another go. Probably thought all those gift sets I’d been given really shouldn’t go to waste, gathering dust on a shelf.

I’m so glad I did pick them back up. They are so versatile and satisfying to use. I wouldn’t say I’m an expert by any means and I certainly have a lot to still learn myself but I find myself reaching for them more and more and being asked by learners what should I buy what do I need. So here’s a whistlestop tour of what I recommend depending on how much you want to spend and for those who are not technologically savvy you can click on the text below to get taken to links to see what I’m talking about. Please feel free to purchase them from somewehere else we have just used amazon for simplicity.

The set I favour the most at the moment are these ones sadly they are currently out of stock but hopefully available soon. I have found I prefer working with pan sets as the pigments are more vivid and unlike tubes, they are ready to go and great to pop into your bag when you want to go out and about to paint.

If you want something equally portable but cheaper I recommend something like this set. These are cakes and although they tend not to have as good a pigment as the pans I have found these work fine. I’m saving my pennies at the mo to try out something a bit pricier to see if it really makes a difference, for a set like these by Kuratake.

Now in terms of brushes, I have found if they are soft they should be fine. I prefer round-headed brushes that taper to a fine point and having a variety of sizes is a good idea. I recommend these or similar by Fuumuui.

Whatever type you choose I hope you’ll enjoy discovering watercolours and perhaps join me on my watercolour journey. We have several online and in person courses that I teach exploring and experimenting with watercolours.