What it’s like to live with a seamstress…

What it’s like to live with a seamstress…

I asked my nearest and dearest what it’s like having someone in the family who sews. Here are some of their answers.

Risk of getting stabbed by pins. Constantly in fear for my feet in any carpeted area where the pins are likely to stay hidden until walking barefoot.

I’ve learnt the ability to spot a pin from 50 yards away… and also the immunity from pain of standing on said pin.

The need to wear slippers or shoes indoors at all times.

Clothes that I design made for me. And I get to help you sew them sometimes. You teach me things. (Jack, age 11)

You will never hem my trousers or sew a button on for me! You never like doing small alterations and won’t help with small repair jobs. (I heard this one a few times!)

There is sewing stuff in every room of the house. How many sewing machines does one person need?

I can always find sewing related gifts for you for birthdays and Christmas.

You’re always covered in little bits of thread, that get transferred onto the furniture. It’s like living with a pet who has thread instead of fur.

The kids have wicked one off clothes. They feel proud knowing that nobody else at school will be wearing the same.

Getting roped in to be a fashion photographer. Taking endless photos only to have them rejected and have to take loads more!

There’s more fabric stored in this house than you will ever get through in your lifetime.

You made my prom dress. You made it exactly how I wanted and it fitted perfectly.

Occasional handmade gifts.

Never having to worry about what you are getting the kids for Christmas.

You very quickly learn to never, ever, (ever!) touch their scissors, if you value your relationship or your life!

On the balance, I’d say it’s pretty good living with a dressmaker. But some might say I’m biased!

Alison xx