Lisa’s Tutor Tales – 5 reasons for Art Journalling

I have been art journaling now for 11 years and I still often get asked what is it? why do you do it? And what’s it for? So I thought I would write my top 5 reasons to art journal.

But before I get started what is an art journal? Quite simply it is art and words combined but for me it is so much more than that. It is my diary, my sounding board and my art laboratory. It is something I wouldn’t be without.  So without further ado here are my top 5 reasons to art journal.


Number One – It’s so accessible

One of the top reasons I love it is that you need very little to have a go. You don’t need expensive materials, an old book and some cheap paints is enough to get you started. There are no rules so you can use whatever you like. Everyone’s lives are so busy these days that I often have people asking me where I find the time. But the other great thing is that you can fit in a spot of art journaling even if you only have five minutes to spare and It is easy to take a few bits and pieces with you so you can art journal on the go.


Number Two – It’s cheaper than therapy!

My art journal most definitely is a place that I use to process complimented thoughts and emotions. It is great place to express yourself without judgement. Your journal is yours and yours alone so what you choose to include is up to you. I have shown my journals to many people and although they can appreciate the art the meaning of each page is mine. A diary that everyone can look at but only I can read.



Number Three – For the community

 Another fantastic thing about art journaling is the community that comes with it. Be that various groups online or getting together in person and creating. It is truly a diverse and exciting thing to be part of. I myself am part of several online groups and the support and encouragement is astounding. I have met people from all over the world and taken part in many art swaps. Lets face it who doesn’t love getting post!


Number Four – Learning art

My art journal is my place to experiment and try out new techniques and mediums, again without judgment. I love to research and discover new things to tr

y and my journal is the perfect place to do that. Looking back now at my very first art journal I can see just how much I have learnt and developed in this way.



Number Five – For the fun of it

This last one may seem obvious, I mean why would you do something if you didn’t enjoy it but I thought it was important to include none the less. When I first discovered Art journaling I was intrigued and really wanted to have a go but didn’t know how to start. I emailed an artist called Jen Worden whose work I had come across to ask her. She kindly replied and her advice has always stayed with me. She said to relax, let go, to play with the materials I had and not worry about the outcome. It is the process that is almost more important than the final piece. 11 years on sitting with my art journal, moving paint around, exploring and seeing where it takes me is still one of my most favourite things. I art journal for many reasons but the main one is because it’s fun and I enjoy it.

So there we are, my top five reasons. I hope this gives you a better idea about art journaling and inspires you to give it a try yourself. I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone!