Learning to Make your own Clothes is the Answer to all your Shopping Nightmares!

Have you ever spent hours or even days of your life trawling the internet or traipsing around Meadowhall searching for the perfect dress for a special occasion?

You find variations of what you’re looking for… but the colours not right or the skirt is too long, or too short… or you would like sleeves and the dress is sleeveless… the colour is not exactly what you want… it’s a bit low cut… there’s always something.

If only you could make something that would fit everything in your dream dress wish list…

And even have it fit you perfectly, no more gaping armholes, exposed bra straps, or busting out of tops, and no more dresses that are too loose on top and too tight over your hips and thighs or vice versa!

The level of skill to be able to create clothes that fit perfectly and to achieve a professional finish from your home sewn garments does not come overnight, but it is possible to increase your skills relatively quickly with time, practice and a little bit of expert guidance. Having said that, everyone’s got to start somewhere and there are some fabulous beginner’s projects where even the least experienced sewers can create beautiful wearable clothes.

I love knowing that I can create a dress for myself that will fit and flatter my curves that don’t conform to regular high street sizing, and in a style that suits me. I am no longer a slave to fashion trends and can pick the elements that work for me and adapt the ones that don’t. Let me tell you it does wonders for your self-esteem and gives body positivity that you just don’t get from shop bought clothes.

You will love it too, as you progress, you will learn about garment construction and how a pattern can be altered and adapted to suit you. As you grow in sewing confidence, you become braver in your choices and find that sewing makes you feel good about yourself too.

On Beginner’s Dressmaking, you can start your journey to creating your dream clothes and ending your clothes shopping nightmares, however I won’t be held responsible for your new found addiction to buying fabrics!

Alison xx