Karen’s Cats

Drawing of Karen Rodgers, owner of StraightCurves and all of her loves

Just a quick and a little sad note about my cat babies, as you may already know they have both been ill recently. At only 6 and 1/2 years old I was not expecting them to be as ill as they are so its been quite a shock and a big deal to get my head around as they are my best friends. George was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Failure just before Christmas and yesterday Elliott’s problems have finally been labeled as stomach cancer. I hope this goes some way to explain the slightly scatty organisation of StraightCurves at the moment and apologies for any delays in responses from us while I get my head sorted. On a more positive note I am moving house soon and looking forward to seeing my cats enjoy their new bigger home and garden, and getting a dedicated craft room again!

Much Love, Karen x