Going Online…

Hello, we hope you are all well and safely tucked up at home. We have been making lots of changes in the last week or so to take as much of what we do online as we can. It’s not where we want to be as socialising is at the core of what we do but we are making the best of it.

Woolly Wednesday has gone virtual sames times every week from the comfort of your own home and its free! We are asking for a voluntary contribution of 50p per session through our crowdfunder but this is only for those who can afford it. Please get in touch if you want to join us and we can send you the link.

Studio Sales – I have been umming and arring about continuing to sell our stock as we desperately need the cash flow and feel many of you will consider wool an essential item for your anxiety and JumpingCLAY an essential item for your children and some of our virtual sessions but want everyone to be safe. I have decided to trial me being a postman!

If you would like to order any items from us including wool, crochet kits, mosaic kits, flower brooch kits, JumpingCLAy kits, toddler craft packs, colouring books, vintage craft sets, scrap polycotton fabric bundles, second hand pink swivel chairs  and more please email us on info@straightcurves.co.uk with what you would like. We can answer questions and call you to discuss if you include your number in your email. We will then get your order ready – probably not with the same level of efficiency as amazon but in our own unique way that will include plastic bags to avoid us touching your products and transferring any nasties. We will then send you a link to pay for your purchases online through IZettle so you can use your card at home. There are then 3 options available to you all of which we believe to be safe avoiding all physical contact and abiding by social distancing rules. They will all be done on a specific date and time arranged with you.

Option One: Karen becomes a postman – Additional Charge £1.50
If you live within walking distance of the studio you will become my daily exercise outside when I arrive I will ring your bell and leave your parcel on your doorstep. Please wait while I step back to at least 2m and watch while you safely retrieve it.

Option Two: Karen becomes a courier – Additional Charge £3
The same as above but in my car with more restrictions as I am currently sharing my car with my husband to avoid him using public transport to get to work. This will apply to heavy orders too as I don’t need that much exercise. However I am only prepared to drive for a maximum of 20mins and hope to combine several deliveries at once. Same process as option one once I arrive.

Option Three: Safe Collection from the studio – Additional Charge £1.50
This will allow those who live further away not to miss out and we are only happy to do this under the following conditions. Only one person should attend at time arranged before arrival, they can come by car or on foot. We will agree via email where you can park and where the parcel will be put for you to collect and I will observe the safe pickup from inside the building. This should be done either as part of your daily exercise or on the way to or from work or an essential shopping trip – we do not want anyone coming out just to pick up from us.

We will be trialing this for the next few days to see how it works and will review it and change details as required in line with the government advice which allows myself to go to work where it is necessary and this falls under online retailers.

Please let me know if anything is unclear as everything is taking longer at the moment.

Karen x