Finish Off February Update

Hello, thought I would share some of the loveliness that has been going on in our facebook group for Finish off February this year. Different people have approached this in different ways and there is no right or wrong. The idea was to use February to try and make a dent in our UFO’s without applying too much pressure. The support and motivation of doing it as a group makes it so much easier to keep it up through the whole month.


Below is one of my favourite comments from the group, and followed by the same lovely lady’s results from our January preparation for Finish off February.

Personally I was not in a place to get all my prep done, too much going on in other areas of my life and poor mental health meant that I got around half way and decided to get started on finishing things early rather than carrying on the search for WIPs. In my defence I had got to 60 something before I had a break from cataloguing them.

Since the month kicked off we have seen loads of lovely projects getting finished. Here are a few below…

Don’t worry if you are not a fellow facebooker you can still take part in person at Woolly Wednesday sessions or you can email us your lovely pictures too!

Keep it up folks we are halfway through and still going strong!

Karen x