Finish off February

Back again for our third year our finish off February initiative has begun. Get ready for a month of tackling your long standing WIPS, cataloging your UFO’s and maybe even sorting out your yarn stash to boot. The idea is that for just one month a year you have a go at tackling your to do pile. Paying attention to those projects you lost interest in, tidied up, didn’t have a needle to hand or the enthusiasm to weave in those ends. Projects can be of any art or craft and are not restricted in anyway. Our group on facebook is open to anyone who wants to get involved.

Last year saw lots of us continuing finish off February into March with the start of lockdown and there really aren’t any strict rules. We suggest you make a list of unfinished objects (in my case a book last year) and then decide where to start and get going.

This year I am so busy with everything constantly changing that I have decided just to focus on unfinished and unstarted projects currently living in my lounge. For anyone who knows me can probably guess I have them stashed all over the house and at work. Just listing what was in my lounge gave me a good chunk of stuff to get done. 15 started projects to finish and 4 ready to start, sigh.

Finish OFF February list

I got off to a speedy start and finished the first one on the first of Feb. However on the same day I started a new one and am cracking on with that one at the mo. In my defense one of my one to one students wanted to learn how to make a crochet basket. As it started off the same as the project bag I had planned I managed to combine teaching and starting it – multitasking at its best.

I really enjoy having a range of projects on the go and have missed having something easy. For the last year pretty much I have been focused on our crochet along 2020 and then the 2021 crochet along and all my personal projects have taken a back seat, well more like hanging off a trailer. It’s nice to do something I don’t have to write down, I can just make it up and forget it!

The facebook group is a lovely supportive place to share progress and get encouragement when you are struggling. I really do recommend giving it ago. Even just making a list of projects can inspire you to get started and at the moment inspiration and support are both much needed commodities.

I hope to see you soon and look forward to comparing lists, and admiring your projects as they develop.

Keep creating, Karen