Finish Off February

Last year we ran a small Finish Off February with just two members and we loved it. So this year we are sharing it with anyone and everyone it does not matter where you live or what art and craft you take part in everyone and everything is welcome. It was one of my favourite months last year because I achieved so much.

Essentially here are the rules, every time you finish something it counts as one point. It does not matter how big or small it is or how unfinished it was. Finishing it is an achievement to be celebrated. There are no rules against starting new projects either. We would love to see you progress and you can share photos on the facebook group we have set up, or you can email them to us or tag them with #FOFebruary2020 on instagram or twitter.

Getting ready to take part…
Here’s what you need to do in January to be prepared…
1. Buy or locate a notebook – prettiness not essential. Personally I may go shopping for a new one but then I am an addict for stationary.
2. Start to catalogue your UFO’s aka UnFinished Objects. It does not matter what craft or art they are just as long as they are not finished. I am going to categorize mine per craft as there are soooo many.

Optional extra… You can also list all your not started but ready to go projects if you like too. Like the yarn you bought to make a jumper or the felt kit to make a purple giraffe, or the cream wool you found to make a bag, that fabric which would make a perfect dress, or the corduroy you bought to make a bag… I better stop there before I overwhelm you with mine.

We will keep you updated with peoples progress, cheer each other on and may even give out some prizes too!

Happy New Year and keep creating

Love Karen and Joanne x

Ps. don’t forget to share pictures of your notebooks too, love stationary!