Crochet in Callela

Hello, Its be a busy few weeks in the studio catching up before and after my holiday in Callela but there was plenty of time for crochet while I was away. I’d thought I’d share what I’ve been making, and yes I have started yet more projects, but I finished a couple too (well nearly).

The main thing I have been working on is our advanced crochet course

that will hopefully be up on the website soon once I have completed the time plans for the sessions with a view to first running in September. If you fancy it please let me know and I can reserve you a place as I’m expecting it to fill up fast!

I have done this is several different colourways and sequences to give you a variety of ideas to refer to when picking what you will do. This one is challenging and I have been writing it up in UK terms from US from the original pattern by Jen Tyler that can be purchased on Ravelry. I

have modified it a little to leave it in its more round form and added a few stitches here and there too. Jen has kindly given us permission to teach from her pattern which is great and saves a lot of the time involved in developing a course from scratch.

I have also re fallen in love with the large bento bag I made a year or two ago from a vintage duvet cover – it was missing in action for a long time but i’m not loosing it again! It was a fantastic beach bag and an even better project bag I managed to fit a dozen balls of wool in along with my hooks and other bits. and because its so squishy with a big opening it fitted perfectly in the footwell on our way to Andorra.

What else was I up to well I found an amazing pound shop that sold t-shirt yarn for 2.5 euros a reel. and went a bit mad with the 6 I bought! It’s hard work on my old hands but I made 2 bags (1 not quite finished as having strap choice issues) and started a storage basket too!




If you don’t know how to crochet yet I have a beginners’ course starting on July 18th in the afternoon for 5 weeks that has a few spaces left. Also if you have been on it already and can spare a moment to write a review for that or any of our courses and workshops online that would be great! You just scroll down on the page and add you review at the bottom.

Any way I am back in thick of getting the summer holiday program for children and our adult workshops over the summer all sorted now, along with planning a last minute wedding for myself as we decided that after nearly 4 years of engagement it was time to tie the knot!


Looking forward to catching up with you all over the next few weeks and hope you are not roasting too much in the sunny weather!

Happy Hooking, Karen x