Crafting with Sylvanians – The Christmas Show

Hi everyone, I’m 7 and I LOVE Sylvanian Families. I mean I really love them! My mum says I’m obsessed. I talk about Sylvanian Families, dream about Sylvanian Families, watch videos about Sylvanian Families, read about Sylvanian Families and of course play with Sylvanian Families. I even did my Brownies collecting badge about them!

I save all my pocket money up to spend on them but the only problem with Sylvanians is they are really expensive. So, I’ve spent the last 7 months since I discovered them making things for them, with a little bit of help from my mum and sister.

I’ve made all sorts of different things for them. Clothes, accessories, furniture, even houses. Karen asked me to share some of the things I’ve made with you as she likes Sylvanian Families too!

The first thing I want to show you is what I made for Christmas in Sylvania (that’s where they all live). I know it’s not Christmas anymore, but it wasn’t when I made all this either! It can be Christmas whenever you want when you’re playing.

Everyone together

I wanted to do a Christmas show with all my Sylvanian children and babies, so of course they all needed costumes. My mum and sister helped me and we made 24 altogether!!! Everyone has their own part in the show. Here they all are together:

For most of the baby costumes we made little tunics out of felt, because they are so small and my mum said she wasn’t spending her whole life making fiddly little outfits for all of them! Then we decorated the tunics differently depending on what they were being in the show. They also fit on over their clothes, so they’re easy to take on and off at showtime!

Here is what everyone is:

Rudolf and the reindeer
3 little elves
Christmas presents
2 Mrs Santas & baby Santa!
Special Costumes

Some special costumes, partly because the hedgehogs are trickier to make for because of their hair and partly because we got a bit bored of making the same thing over again! So here are: Christmas tree, star, Christmas pudding, snowman and stocking.

As it was Christmas (in Sylvania at least) when they did their show, I also made some decorations for their houses. I made wreaths for their doors out of jumping clay, and little robins too. And my sister tried to make paper chains out of quilling paper, but they didn’t stick together that well.


I hope you have enjoyed reading all about my Sylvanian Families and some of the things I’ve made for them. I’ve got lots more things to show you. Do any of you have any Sylvanians? I’d love to see anything you’ve made for them, we’re always looking for ideas!

Love Skye x