Crafting with Sylvanians Part 2 – A New Home for the Dogs

On Friday I bought the Toy Poodle Twins, Mia and Max. So, on Saturday I decided to make a new home for the dogs because now I have five of them. Before, their house was teeny, in a little box. They needed to move into somewhere bigger.

Rachael, Veronica, Max & Mia, William

I used an Amazon cardboard box, on its end. I cut off three of the flaps (but kept them to use). I used some sparkly blue wallpaper to line the back wall, then used the two bigger flaps to make floors. I wanted the house to have three storeys so they could have a babies’ room, a grown-ups’ room and a downstairs. I used some animal print card I had to make flooring for the levels – tiger for the babies, zebra for the grown-ups and leopard for the downstairs.

They had some furniture already but now they have a bit more. I used the last bit of box to make them a sofa. I have made other sofas before, maybe I’ll show you them another time, but this one was really simple to make. I folded up the cardboard then covered it in cute penguin material (I got it from Santa!). Then I stuck four green beads on to be feet and some green foam on the ends to be arms.

I also wanted to make them a wardrobe because Veronica Cakebread (she’s the mum who runs the cake shop) has 2 outfits and I’m going to make more clothes for the babies too. I have used a Ferrero Rocher box for this. I might use a kebab skewer for a rail and make some hangers from paper clips at some point too.

The rest of the downstairs has an armchair, table and stools. I made the armchair last summer. It is made out of a toilet roll tube! I cut it into the chair shape then covered it in fabric. The seat is made from a foam cloth and I sewed a cushion for the back.

The table is an old tin my mum found me. I like it because they can keep some of their things inside. It is on top of a cardboard middle from a roll of tape to make it a bit taller. I made the stools from cotton reels. The tops are circles of foam covered in gingerbread material, stuck on with the glue gun.

On the middle floor is Veronica and Rachael’s room. Veronica has a bed my sister made (she has made quite a few beds like this for me now) out of balsa wood and lollipop sticks. Her duvet is made out of a bit of an old jumper I had! She has a soft fleecy pillow too.

Her bedside table is a spare wooden drawer handle we found. Rachael’s bed is made out of my brother’s watch box! She has some old knitted squares for blankets and they have a rug on the floor.

On the top floor is Mia and Max’s room which they share with William. I used the lid of the Ferrero Rocher box to make a bed for the three of them. I have made a similar one for my cat babies (my mum really likes Ferrero Rocher!). I used foam and crepe paper to make the mattress then the penguin material for a blanket each. The pillows are made of foam. They also have a finger puppet they use as a sleeping bag (my Sylvanians like going camping, most of them have sleeping bags!), a fake gem for a light and a picture on the wall I made by putting a sticker on a piece of wood, so it looks like it’s in a frame.

I hope you have enjoyed my tour round the dogs’ new house. I really liked making it and I think they’re going to have fun living there. Love, Skye x