Carol’s Current UFO – Felted Landscape

In the summer, I started a new felted landscape of the back of The Great Ridge, which is best seen from the top of Winnat’s Pass.

The weather was so good that I’ve mainly worked outside.  This is quite a rare occurrence, as the slightest puff of wind sends clouds of wool floating off around the garden.

The wool I’ve been using is from White-faced Woodland sheep. They can be spotted by their cute, pink noses.

Natural plant extracts have been used to dye the wool.  I particularly love the blues, which came from the woad plant.  (The Celts used its dye as war paint to scare their enemies).

Just like a painting, I started with the background and gradually worked towards the foreground, where the stone wall and wildflowers provide an opportunity to build in some texture.

Once I was happy with it, I wetted it out and rolled it, to felt the fibres together – a job made much more enjoyable by the sunshine.  It was then drip dried on the washing line.

Next, it was on to needle-felting, adding some extra details, definition and colour in areas.

Luckily there is a brilliant spot up at the top of Castleton’s old road (which collapsed with a landslide), where there is a bench overlooking the view.  So, on a clear day I went up there and did some more work on it.  I’m happy with the ridge now but need to build some more texture and add a pop of warm colour to the wildflowers and grasses in the foreground.  I might add some stitches too …

If you’d like to have a go at making your own felt art, why not sign up for my next evening course in March?


Carol Wilson