Behind the Scenes


I am always getting asked what I make in my spare time (lol) anyway here’s a sneaky peek into what our lovely tutors do when they are not teaching you, for their own creative me time!


I’ve been getting by cro-jo back recently and started making the latest Janie Crow CAL featured in Inside Crochet. Really enjoying the satisfaction of making definite progress as it involves making lots of different bits. Not looking forward to the assembly process at the end though!





I don’t always have the time to sew just for me, but I’ve taken advantage of the big tables at StraightCurves to lay my fabric and cut my pattern out.
Pattern is the Twist Dress by Trend Patterns and I’m making the side twist version in an animal print viscose from 1st for Fabrics for a girls night out I’ve got coming up in a few weeks.
I have been working on this commission over the summer.  The wool for this felt artwork came from the farm pictured.  The first stage was naturally-dyeing the wool with amongst other things woad, weld and madder.
The cow didn’t make it in to the final edit, she’s going to be starring in a second piece.Due to my spectacular ankle break, this large piece was literally created square by square.  One or two 10cm squares a day. My bones mending as the picture developed.
I’ve always loved textiles as well as pottery (and I often bring them together!) Pressing lace into clay is a great way to add texture. It’s a technique I teach people to use on the Vase workshop at Straightcurves. This year I’ve started to learn how to make lace. It’s a fascinating craft and I’ve loved learning it. I’ve started with this little flower design. The lace making techniques are quite different from the textiles I’ve done in the past but once you get started its wonderful to see the designs appear. I’m excited to see where I can go with this new craft!
At the moment getting ready to move house has taken up a lot of my time, so not a lot of time to create but I did manage to get my monthly mini journal finished. With the weather turning it’s full of lovely rich Autumnal colours, my favourite 🙂
After finishing the Spin-Me-Around (below) which used three balls of the batik swirl stargazer, I decided it was time to look through my WIPS (yes I seem to be getting more) and get more of them finished! So seeing this shawl again I’m now back on to making the Sunrise Shawl a free pattern from Hobbii but I’m using Northern lights a James C Brett DK and just started my second ball as I like my shawls big to wrap around.