As-You-Go Blanket

Hope you all had a fantastic Easter weekend and got lots of crafting done. I have finally finished my as-you-go blanket including sewing in all the ends!!! YAY!

The wool I used was part of a pack donated to charity by a customer and I thought it was too good for small projects so I donated some money and took it home. With no concept of how big it would grow I set off with 222 stitches and I think most rows have approximately that number give or take a few. It is absolutely massive now as you can see it here on my super king size bed and it goes over the edges. It is completely made up from nothing,  I picked different colours of wool and different stitches for each row mostly at random. Also I wrote nothing down as I wanted it just to be a fun project with no real work involved. The yarn I used had different content too from 100% cotton to 100% wool or 100% acrylic and lots of mixed ones too. It varied in thickness too from double knit to chunky and many in-between.

It was nice to crochet with the knowledge it was just for fun and just for me. So if I lost or gained a stitch it didn

‘t really matter as the use of different yarns, thicknesses and stitches meant it was unlike to have a straight edge whatever I did. It was lovely to experiment with different stitches to see the textures and patterns that can be created. This is the second as you go blanket I have made and will definitely not be the last. Feeling inspired to have a go yourself – do it! I highly recommend it.

Happy Crafting, Karen x