A well deserved break…

So I have been putting off writing this for a while because a lot of me has mixed feelings about what I want to do but I’ve been working very hard for 11 years now on this lovely little business both teaching and behind the scenes and I deserve a break. Don’t worry we are not closing and other than the fact I won’t be teaching classes or parties not much else will change. Amy has been pretty much running the admin side of things for a while anyway and will continue to do so.

I will be back in September 2025 and my courses and workshops will start back up then as normal, but I want to enjoy my weekends again after 11 years of not having them so after the courses that are already booked in are completed I will be enjoying a well deserved break.

You will still see me at Woolly Wednesdays in the school holidays and some evenings too but I will be enjoying life outside of work other than that.

Please continue to support us and my very hardworking team. Keep creating, Love Karen x