A change is a good as a rest?


I hope you are all doing as well as you can in the challenging times and that you are making the most of any additional time you have to craft and create. It’s definitely a little different all round at the moment and I guess like everyone some days are great and some are awful. I have found that trying to keep a routine has really helped me along with the odd change here and there. I have found that spending time in different places has really helped me. Even a small change like sitting in a different place in the lounge gives me a little boost having new things to look at and a different view out of the window. Randomly having planned to write this blog earlier I spotted just now that even my cats are thinking the same and have all decided to sleep somewhere very different to usual! Or moving the chair you sit in in the garden (although this has also resulted in more pruning as I spend time staring at branches in wrong places).

I also switched projects a few days ago and feel excited about crochet again. I had stopped working on my climbing rose shawl by Jane Crowfoot last year (i think) as I got bored of it and wanted a change. But having spent most of my time since lockdown started either working on workshop samples or my massive blanket that has become our first ever crochet along for 2020 I really needed a change and to do something for fun. I have so far in 3 or 4 days completed 10 of the hexagons, although I did use the wrong colour for my first batch due to rushing and not reading instructions properly! I am going with it and have done 6 of them with the wrong colour and 4 with the right colour and will create an additional pattern with them when they are done within the original design. It has to be said I don’t enjoy the last 2 rows of these hexagons where you have to use a 3.5mm hook as the yarn splits more with the smaller hook. But overall I am progressing well, I have now done, 26 full hexagons, 8 half hexies and started the next 5 full hexies.

However I can confirm that no amount of changes can replace a good rest. I have been getting frustrated with how long some things take during lockdown as everything seems to be getting slower and slower. Even cleaning my teeth takes twice as long! But I have realised having slowed down even more (wasn’t sure this was possible without actually stopping) that a rest was definitely needed. So my plans to take next week off are on full steam ahead or should that be with the brakes jammed on?! anyway who knows I hope to avoid work emails, teaching and planning as much as possible, although I do have a few loose ends that are unavoidable like chasing hmrc for our money for example. I plan to fill my time with movie marathons, gardening, crocheting and possibly some baking if it’s not too hot. Hopefully a little less snacking as soon I am going to need to shop for new clothes if my waistline expands anymore.


Don’t worry though I haven’t gone yet there is still some time to catch me in the next couple of evenings post garden, if you have a question or need some wool! The website will still be open and taking bookings for this terms workshops and course starting from 8th June 2020 onwards and into the summer.

Stay safe, stay home and stay local.

Love Karen x