Virtual Crochet Along Advanced Round Crochet Cushion

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Class Name: Virtual Crochet Along Advanced Round Crochet Cushion
Learners per Class: 30

No. of Sessions: 6
Length of Session: 0.75 hours

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Virtual Crochet Along – Advanced

This course will take you several steps (more of a leap tbh) further than our intermediate crochet course, looking at how to combine the basic stitches in more complex ways to create texture and form while working in the round to make a cushion cover.

As this crochet along is aimed at more experienced crocheters we are going to run it a little differently, every week there will be a short session where Karen will introduce the section of the pattern that we are working on and answer any questions you may have rather than demonstrating every round step-by-step. This will allow you all to work at an enjoyable pace and there will then be a more social aspect to the rest of the session allowing you to share what you are up to and have a natter.

Should you wish for extra help it will be available through email, the facebook group or additional taught 1:1 sessions but this should not be needed.

This course is based on a translated and adapted pattern by Hooks and Tales, Jen based in South Africa who kindly said we could use her patterns for our classes.

More photos to be added soon as this is a new course I need some good light to take some more – and it’s a very grey Friday morning at the moment.


Your Tutor: Karen Rogers

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