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Class Name: Virtual Art Journaling Workshops
Learners per Class: 10

No. of Sessions: 1
Length of Session: 1 hours

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Our art journaling sessions are a great way to escape and get creative during this tricky times. These virtual sessions will enable you to experiment with mixed media under the watchful eye of your supportive tutor Lisa. Each session has a different focus and is tutor led step by step through zoom a virtual meeting software which is free for you to download online.

You will need your own materials and equipment for each session here is a list of the basic kit you will need for all the sessions and underneath it we will list the specific additional items needed for the different sessions.

Basic Kit
There really are no rules when it comes to materials, you can use anything and everything but here are a few recommendations

  • Journal – A sketch book, old book, notebook or even the back of an old envelope will do.
  • Gesso – artists acrylic primer, used to prepare pages for paint, use thinly to mask images or thickly to add texture. If you don’t have gesso, any white paint will do.
  • Pens and pencils – any will do
  • Paint – again your choice, I like to use acrylics or watercolours.
  • Crayons, markers, felt tips, pastels or chalks
  • Stamps, Stencils – You can make your own stencils or look around the house to see what could be used as a stencil or stamp.
  • Scissors and Glue -it’s best to have PVA and glue sticks. A mix of half PVA and half water is great to use as a glaze to seal your pages.
  • Ephemera – these are your collage elements, start collecting nice bits of paper, tickets, receipts, postage stamps, whatever catches your eye.
  • Paint Brushes and Scraping Tools – get a variety of sizes, old credit cards make great scraping tools! If you haven’t got these remember your fingers will do!
  • A heat gun or hair dryer to speed up drying.

The extras outside of the basic kit required are:
Scrap paper – old newspaper, book pages, magazines etc
needle and thread
scrap fabric or pretty paper scraps
old powdered make up or chalk pastels

The extras outside of the basic kit required are:
scrap paper or card
something to scrape paint like an old credit card
White pen if possible but not essential
a magazine
some thread

The extras outside of the basic kit required are:
Glue (pva and pva water mix)
Tissue paper
Paints (ideally acrylic)
Ink pad and stamps
Soft pastels (optional)

Art Journal Tags
White card to cut into tags (or luggage tags if you’ve got them)
Collage – patterned papers, text (like old book pages), napkins, tissue paper
Stencils and old make up sponge
Stamps and ink
Magazines – 6 small focal images and 6 words /sentences cut out
Ribbon, scrap fabric or lace

The extras outside of the basic kit required are:
Baby wipes or wet cloth that you don’t mind getting painty
Magazine image cut out
Black paint
White pen (optional)
Letter stamps and ink (optional)

Techniques: include tin foil printing and reverse stenciling.
The extras outside of the basic kit required are:
Stick/cocktail stick or pen with a lid (for mark making in wet paint)
Baby wipes or wet cloth you don’t mind getting painty
A focal image of your choice (a photo, magazine image etc)
Ink pad and stamps
Also have in mind a quote/poem/song lyric about hope.
Monochrome challenge
Techniques: include collage, stenciling, reverse stenciling, and stamping.
The extras outside of the basic kit required are:
Black/white and grey scraps /collage bits
Black and white paint
Straps and black ink
Black and white focal image
Techniques: include creating texture rubbings and wax resists
The extras outside of the basic kit required are:
Oil pastels or wax crayons
textured hard surfaces
Watercolours/water soluble crayons or pastels/watered down acrylics
card board packaging
Focal image of your choice
Techniques: creating a textured background and spill writing.
The extras outside of the basic kit required are:
loose paper
metallic paint (optional)
water colours
Focal image of your choice
Techniques: working with a linear composition.
The extras outside of the basic kit required are:
Black paint
Collage scraps /washi tape
Water soluble crayons /water colours
Optional items:
Water spray
Modelling paste
Over the Horizon
Techniques: scratch art
The extras outside of the basic kit required are:
Oil pastels
Black paint
Cocktail stick or something thin to scratch paint

Your Tutor: Lisa Goddard

Mixed media artist and art journaller

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2 reviews for Virtual Art Journaling Workshops

  1. Samantha Roberts (verified owner)

    Had a very relaxing hour art journalling with Lisa tonight on the theme of “Positivity”. Lisa made sure we were all ok throughout and explained each stage as we went along. Very enjoyable and well done to Straightcurves for setting up virtual courses! Thank you 😀

  2. Amy (verified owner)

    This was my first experience of a lesson via zoom. The pre-course instructions were clear and ensured I had the materials to hand for the session. Lisa guided us throughout giving us plenty of ideas. Already booked for next week. Would definitely recommend.

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