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Class Name: Virtual Adult Art Sessions
Learners per Class: 10

No. of Sessions: 1
Length of Session: 1 hours

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Our virtual art sessions are a great way to develop your creativity and take your mind off everything else at the moment. Each session has a different theme or technique and is tutor led step by step through zoom a virtual meeting software which is free for you to download online.

You will need your own materials and equipment for each session and we will list these below along with the details for each session.

Drawing with Coffee – Giraffe, Lion, Tiger, Bunny, Barn Owl, Squirrel, Chicken, Cat, Hedgehog, Dog, Highland Cow
We will be using coffee to create a unique image of an animal – check session description to make sure you book on the one you want to do!

You will need:
Two pots or mugs
Water pot
Black pen
Paint brush
Hair dryer or heat gun
Paper or card (the thicker the better)
Cocktail stick /thin stick /end of a thin paint brush
For the Tiger you will also need white paint and black paint.
For the Barn Owl you will also need black paint.
For the Chicken the following are useful but not essential : Flat head small paintbrush, Fan head paint brush and Tumeric
For the Hedgehog you also need a thin paint brush and a soft dark pencil
For the Coffee Dog you will also need watercolours/pencil crayons/watercolour crayons.
For the Coffee Highland Cow you will also need a soft pencil anything between 3b-6b
For the Stag you will also need a soft pencil
For the Duckling you will also need turmeric
For the Harvest Mouse  you will also need turmeric
For the Guinea Pig you will also need a soft pencil

We will be using watercolours to create a picture of an iquana.
You will need:
Watercolours and brush
Crayons /watercolour crayons
Scratch art Giraffe
We will be creating this colourful giraffe using scratch art.
You will need:
black pen
oil pastels or wax crayons
black acrylic paint
washing up liquid
paintbrushes (small & medium)
cocktail stick

Drawing an Elephant
We will be practicing drawing to produce this lovely image of an elephant, don’t forget that everyone’s drawings are unique and the more you practice the happier you will be with your results.

You will need:
Eraser or rubber

Moonlight Painting
We will be creating this striking image of moonlight including a silouhette.

You will need:
Paper (plus scrap piece to practice)
Old book page or newspaper
glue stick
white, black and blue paints (ideally acrylic)
palette (or something that can be used as one like a paper plate)
hairdryer or heat gun
Polar Bear Painting
We will be creating a polar bear portrait painting during this session.
You will need:
Coloured paper (not white)
Pencil and eraser
Black and white acrylic paint
Medium and thin paintbrush
Hair dryer or heat gun
Jelly fish painting
We will be creating a jelly fish painting during this session.
You will need:
2 sheets of black or dark paper /card
White paint
3 colours of acrylic paint
Paint brush medium and thin
White pen (optional)
Penguin with watercolour crayons
We will be creating a penguin portrait using watercolour crayons during this session.
You will need:
Water colour crayons /crayons our paints in black, grey, orange and yellow
Black pen
Turtle painting
We will be creating a turtle painting during this session.
You will need:
coloured paper
3/4 paints in similar colours
white paint
white crayon/pencil or white chalk
paintbrushes thin and medium
Galaxy painting
We will be creating a galaxy painting during this session.
You will need:
Watercolour paper/mixed media paper or white card that isn’t shiny.
Watercolour paints or watered down acrylics
Masking tape
white and black acrylic paint
Paintbrushes (very thin and medium)
We will be creating a picture of an octopus using watercolour or watered down acrylic paints during this session.
Pencil and rubber
Black pen (waterproof)
Water colours or watered down acrylic paints
Paintbrushes (medium and thin)
Thick white paper, ideally water colour paper or mixed media paper.

Your Tutor: Lisa Goddard

Mixed media artist and art journaller

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4 reviews for Virtual Adult Art Sessions

  1. Samantha (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed my virtual art session painting a giraffe in coffee. Lisa was very patient with us and helped us all the way. I went on to paint a fox and hen after the session too! Looking forward to the next two sessions and hope there willl be more to come.

  2. Amy (verified owner)

    Spent an enjoyable hour learning how to draw and paint a Tiger in coffee. Lisa clearly guided us throughout the session. The pre course instructions ensured I had all the materials to hand that I needed. Can’t Wait for next weeks lesson. I would definitely recommend.

  3. Lynne (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed my art sessions I’m looking forward to doing some more.

  4. Angela Warren (verified owner)

    These sessions are absolutely brilliant. I never thought I could make anything so good. It’s fun, relaxing and enjoyable. I highly recommend them.

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