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Class Name: Virtual 1:1 sessions
Learners per Class: 1

No. of Sessions: 1
Length of Session: 0.5 hours

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We're sorry but there are no dates for this class at the moment.

In light of our current situation we are now offering virtual 1:1 sessions with some of our tutors in various arts and crafts. These sessions will be delivered using zoom which is free for you to download to use on your tablet, computer, laptop or smart phone. It enables you to see and hear us and for us to see and hear you via a video link – it’s similar to face time or skype. You will need a reasonable internet connection to be able to take part.

At the moment we are open to session bookings at times to suit you throughout the day and evening although this may vary from tutor to tutor as we increase our offering over the next few weeks.

Tutors currently offering 1:1 tuition:

Karen – Art, design, JumpingCLAY, children and textiles Tutor
crochet, tunisian crochet, sewing (not dressmaking), macrame, finger knitting, JumpingCLAY, knitting, designing bags and other items (sewing or crochet), loom knitting

Alison – Dressmaking Tutor
dressmaking projects, new or ongoing, zips, buttonholes and other fastenings, sewing machine issues and overlocker support, choosing patterns and fabrics, measuring yourself correctly and selecting the correct size.

The reason we are sticking to 30min sessions is our desire on our part not to spend prolonged periods attached to our laptops at the moment. This may change but we are really missing teaching face-to-face and want to support you all in this time of need.

At the moment we do not have a contact form set up for virtual sessions so please use our normal 1:1 form here

Our virtual 1:1 sessions are £15 for 30mins. We recommend short lessons to limit time staring at the screen but different arts and crafts suit different lengths of session so get in touch and we can sort out what works best for you.

Your Tutor: Karen Rogers

Cat lover, craftaholic but most of all passionate about teaching

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1 review for Virtual 1:1 sessions

  1. Lorna Clarkson

    Dressmaking by Zoom lessons

    In May 2020 I signed up for 4 one to one sessions with Alison Greer. I was not sure how sewing via Zoom would work but as I had been doing other things via Zoom during lockdown I thought it was worth giving it a go. I have to say it was better than I expected.

    In terms of my sewing I had been sewing for a few years and had completed cushions, curtains, blinds and bed runners but had never made any clothes. This is what I wanted from my sewing classes with Alison.

    Prior to the first session I had had an email exchange with Alison about suitable projects, we agreed on PJs first and then a skirt, this gave me time to order the patterns and any material I needed.

    The first session I was all ready with my PJ pattern and material. We talked through the pattern, how to check my size against the pattern size and finished garment measurements, I learnt how to read a sewing pattern and began to understand some of the terms. We also chatted through the next steps, the 30 mins flew past.

    I realised that there is not much time in 30 mins to do sewing as well as improving my understanding of dressmaking terms. So before my next lesson I worked through the PJ pattern and made a note of the questions I had and where I was having difficulties. The next lesson focused on working though the areas where I had questions, Alison had some great tips especially for making a drawstring.

    During the second lesson we also talked through my next project – a skirt. We went through the pattern step by step so I could understand what I needed to do. I then worked through the pattern on my own before the next lesson. I was having difficulty understand the instructions for the waistband so that was the main focus of my next session.

    In summary what worked best for me was to talk through the pattern to ensure I really understood what I was supposed to be doing, do the actual sewing between the sessions and making a note when I had difficulties or any questions. I have moved and changed the dates of my sessions as I found that when the weather was good I did not want to be indoors sewing, it was really good to be able to move the appointments to meet what I wanted to do. Alison was good at explaining what I needed to do and to patiently answer my questions, she also send me some additional information which was very helpful.

    I now feel more confident in being able to tackle new sewing projects and work through them, I will probably sign up for some more lessons as it is good to know that you have help on hand.

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