Temperature Blanket Yarn Pack


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Temperature blankets are made using whatever craft technique you like and you generally do a row to represent the temperature for each day. This yarn pack comes with two temperature charts – one for a single stranded project and one for a double stranded project. You can see examples of the double stranded project in both double crochets and tunisian simple stitch. 15 balls of yarn are included and depending on the weather and the size of your chosen project you will need more yarn too.We recommend buying this as you go as it all depends on the weather!

This yarn pack has been carefully chosen by me (Karen) as it’s been on my project list for a very long time. I have started my blanket using two stands of yarn at a time and you can see the pictures on this page of my progress. I am using tunisian crochet for it and working on stripes of different widths to represent a number of different years. Having completed one stripe I have discovered that it wasn’t plausible to make the length of the blanket a whole year as it would have been massive. For this reason when I got to the length I was after I have carried on with the same year on the next stripe. Additionally not being one for following what everyone else does I am starting and finishing each year from my birthday rather than the beginning of the year.


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