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Class Name: Spinning Course
Learners per Class: 6

No. of Sessions: 2
Length of Session: 5 hours

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Spinning is an ancient textile craft in which plant or animal fibres are drawn out and twisted together to make yarn. For thousands of years’ fibre was spun to make yarn by hand using a simple spindle, until the invention of the spinning wheel.

This two day course will allow you to learn to hand-spin your own yarn with a drop spindle and spinning wheel, use in a knitting, crochet or craft project. Day one covers the basics and is suitable for complete beginners and day two builds on your knowledge and skills covering techniques such as plying, experimental spinning and the use of different fibres.

Your Tutor: Dee Sayce

Crafting Extraordinaire

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2 reviews for Spinning Course

  1. Lesley (verified owner)

    As a complete beginner I really enjoyed this workshop. I found it a good mixture of practical, demonstrations and learning through discussions and instruction. Dee was very patient, encouraging, knowledgable and enthusiastic. Thank you Dee.

  2. Niki Richards (verified owner)

    Absolutely the best workshop course I’ve been on. Dee is extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to listen to. Very open to questions and also great at practical demonstration. We got to learn at our own pace and even though we were shown and given the opportunity to try various different fibres there was no pressure to do anything but the thing that interested you. Perfect amount of encouragement and practical help when needed. We were kept very well with lots of tea and a real lunch break too which was nice as we got to know each other better and enjoy seeing what each person was creating. I loved every second. Both days were properly structured so that you could get the maximum out of each day and there were plenty of materials too. Thanks Dee for a stellar mother’s day.

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