Dressmaking: The Sequel

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Class Name: Dressmaking: The Sequel
Learners per Class: 6

No. of Sessions: 5
Length of Session: 2.5 hours

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The Sequel is all about building on the skills that you’ve learnt in Beginner’s Dressmaking Part 1 & Part 2. Although the description states 5 weeks the length of this course varies to suit term time so is sometimes longer hence variations in prices shown.

Look good and feel good.

You can learn to make clothes, in exactly your style and your colours that fit you perfectly.

Learn the dressmaking skills to make beautiful clothes for you or your family. Nothing beats the feeling of being complimented on something you’re wearing and being able to say “I made this!”

Your Tutor: Alison Greer

Making the world a better place, one stitch at a time…

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