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Class Name: Art-tastic
Learners per Class: 12

No. of Sessions: 1
Length of Session: 1 hours

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From drawing to painting create a masterpiece with us in our art-tastic kids art sessions!

Get creative using your imagination and observational skills to produce a perfect portrait or a cute cartoon. Each session will have a different theme and please feel free to attend the same session more than once as there are many many monsters out there just waiting to be made famous by your child’s artistic brushwork. Younger children may create multiple masterpieces during these sessions and older children may spend longer on one piece of artwork, it depends on their patience and how many ideas they have!


Drawing with Coffee (Rec. Age 7- 16yrs)

Moonlight Painting (Rec. Age 7- 16yrs)

Scratch Art Giraffe (Rec. Age 7- 16yrs)

Painting Monster Portraits (Rec. Age 3-16yrs)

Easter Egg Splatter Cards (Rec. Age 5-16yrs)

Painting Food (Rec. Age 4-16yrs)

Under the Sea Painting (Rec. Age 5-16yrs)

Spin Art (Rec. Age 3-16yrs)

Paint Splatter Canvas (Rec. Age 5-16yrs)

Printed Flowers (Rec. Age 5-16yrs)

Your Tutor: Lisa Goddard

Mixed media artist and art journaller

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