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Class Name: Art Journalling Club
Learners per Class: 8

No. of Sessions: 1
Length of Session: 2 hours

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Art journaling club is a place to come and be creative with friends. If you lead a busy life and never find the time to be creative at home, if you would like to art journal but haven’t got the materials or space at home or if you don’t know where to start your pages and need the inspiration of others around you then this is the place to come! 

Art journaling is the combination of mixed media art and words. There are no rules, anything goes! Mix in creating with friends over a cuppa and a few biccies and the result is a club full of fun, laughter and lots of painty goodness.

In these sessions your tutor will be there with a theme and media idea or you can choose to create something entirely your own! If you are just getting started we recommend our beginners’ course as this will provide more support for you to start your art journalling journey. 

Your Tutor: Lisa Goddard

Mixed media artist and art journaller

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