Our second and most popular crochet along is now available to buy as a kit with a hardcopy pattern allowing you to create this beautiful blanket at your own pace. Designed to be completed as a row a day over 32 weeks. There are 107 rows and border shown as written and diagrammatic patterns with detailed colour photos of both sides to help you on your journey.

How big is the finished blanket?
Obviously everyone’s tension varies but based on my tension (I’m a little on the loose side) the single pack made a blanket approx 108cm (42.5″) wide by 164cm (64.5″) long. There was some wool left but different amounts of each colour. I designed it to this size to make it manageable as a project having just completed a 3m x 3m blanket I wanted something easier both in difficulty, size on my lap and length of row to be able to see it grow every week.
A double pack will make a blanket double the size of the single pack but the pattern is flexible so you can vary the width and length to suit what you are after. For example the double pack could make a blanket around 162cm (64″) wide by 246cm (96″) long. Please bear in mind you are doubling the wool quantity so you can only double one dimension if you wanted a blanket double the width and double the length you would need four times as much wool (as your old math teacher say and maths will be useful for the rest of life).
The pattern is designed in a way that means it can easily be adapted to make different sized blankets and also simple smaller items such as cushion covers. We are happy to offer advice about sizes and wool quantities if you have any please include these when you contact us to join so we can get you sorted before we get started.


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