Past Exhibition: Beeston Butterflies

The 2014 Travelling With Nature project was the brainchild of Honey Bee and aimed to spread happiness by sending origami butterflies travelling around the globe.

It all started as an ‘origami bombing’ project, with the original idea being to leave lots of little origami gifts for others to find as they travelled around over the summer. By the end of the project, scores of origami butterflies had been created from recycled paper – some were mailed to dear friends and family in far-flung places, others were left inside books, magazines and other random locations for people to find.

The project culminated in an exhibiton at Beeston Library in September 2014 which showcased hundreds of paper butterflies, along with a map plotting the locations that the beautiful creatures had been found in.

After the Beeston event ended, the butterflies fluttered up to Chesterfield and landed at our brand new studio building to become the first exhibition in our Hallway Gallery.

Although the main exhibition has now ended, you can still see some of the butterflies at the StraightCurves studio.

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