Children’s Sewing Machine Course

Tutor: Karen Rogers
Length: 7.5 hours
Max Learners: 4

A five week course for children aged 8 – 14 to learn the basics of using a sewing machine

Who Is This Course For?

For young people with no knowledge of how to use a sewing machine, recommended for children aged between 8 and 14 years old. Children over 14 are welcome to attend the adult Sewing Machine Skills course.

Please note that there will only be 4 learners on this course to ensure quality of experience and that we have plenty of room to cut our fabric.


We will be using beginners’ sewing machines to get to grips with all the main skills you need to get started – whether you want to make clothes for your doll or tents for your action man!

Session One – Threading and Driving

We will learn how to thread up the machine and how to drive it. You will get a chance to practice hems and seams, learn how to pin, and if time allows complete a small project to take home to show off your new skills. You will also complete your sewing machine driving test and hopefully get your license too!

Session Two – Cutting and Cushions

We will look at fabric, wrong sides and right sides, how to measure it out (not too much maths don’t worry), how to cut fabric and following instructions to complete a cushion cover which you can take home for your room or make it as a present for someone.

Session Three – Chickens, Chickens, Chickens

We will learn how to make a small stuffed chicken from start to finish using the sewing machines. There will be a choice of fabric types in this session so you can practice working the machine using different materials. You may even get to make more than one if time allows.

Session Four – Channels and a Drawstring Bag

We will learn how to make channels to hold ribbon or cord for the top of our drawstring bag. You need to think about what you want to use your drawstring bag for before the session so that we can get it the right size and add a pocket if we need to!

Session Five – Clothes and Accessories for Toys

We will look at how to design simple patterns to make clothes or accessories for your toys. There will be an element of choice in this session as long as your designs are not too complex for your current skill level. Suggestions include bedding for a toy, skirt for a teddy, night dress for a doll, trousers for a doll or teddy bear, and so on…

What Should I Bring With Me?

Just bring yourself as you will receive everything you need for use during the course.

Your parents are allowed to stay if they insist but we feel they tend to get in the way and make the place look messy – so please ask them to drop you off! Karen has a full DBS check and experience of working in both primary and secondary schools – references are available on request.

What Do I Take Home?

You will take home all the skills you learn, your learning portfolio (which includes full instructions for everything covered on the course), all of the work you produce during the workshops (including your cushion cover including inner and bag) and your StraightCurves sewing machine driving license certificate.

Please note this course is intentionally spread over 5 shorter sessions to ensure you go home confident to carry on sewing independently including being able to create all the projects again in varying sizes without the use of patterns at home.


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I enjoyed this course loads. I looked forward to every Thursday! Karen would help me every time I asked and all in all was a lovely atmosphere. I'll be taking another course!

Eden (14) from Chesterfield


Eden (14) from Chesterfield

I enjoyed this course loads. I looked forward to every Thursday! Karen would help me every time I asked and all in all was a lovely atmosphere. I'll be taking another course!


Minimum Age: 8

Skills Required: None

Session Length: 1.5 hours

Number of Sessions: 5

Things To Bring: Just Yourself