Creative Art Workshops

Tutor: Alexandra MacKenzie
Length: 1.5hrs per session
Max Learners: 8

Creative Art Workshops

These workshops are aimed at children of all abilities aged 7 to 16 years old. Whether you are a beginner or a master painter, the workshops are a great opportunity to develop your skills and discover new techniques. In this series of workshops you will produce a variety of 2D based artwork around four different themes. You can come along to one or try all four. Groups are small with a maximum of eight participants, so there will be plenty of support from your tutor!


Workshop 1 Mask Making
You will explore making marks and patterns with felt pens, crayons and pencils. You will then cut out shapes to design and create your colourful mask. If you are super speedy you may have time to make 2 masks. You will be using dry art materials so you won’t get too messy!

Workshop 2 Tree Ring Life Stories
Dendochronology (not an easy word to say!) is a technique used to count the rings of a tree to accurately tell its age. In this workshop you will apply this method to your own life. By focusing on each year of your life using collage, crayons and felt pens you will create your very own tree ring life story. You will be using dry art materials so you won’t get too messy!

Workshop 3 Pebble Pals
Design and paint your own pebble people and pebble pets. You can turn people you know into pebbles or let your imagination run free to create some interesting characters. With eight pebbles each you can make a whole family.

Workshop 4 Personalised Favourite Book
You can now feature in your favourite story! Bring along your favourite book (the more exciting the cover the better). You will recreate your book on canvas and personalise with your own name.

Don’t forget your book!


Wearing old clothes or bringing an apron is advisable for all workshops

Any materials required during the sessions are included within the cost of the sessions, learners are welcome to bring their own additional materials if they wish.

Please note: The workshops will run again later in the year. We will make sure that themes within the subjects will vary so that each workshop can be attended more than once.

Be sure to let us know if your child has any allergies.


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