Wet Felted Baubles

Tutor: Carol Coyne
Length: 2 hours
Max Learners: 8

Wet felting is when layers of wool fibre are worked together using warm water, soap and a bit of elbow grease. As the wool fibres shrink, they twist together to create a unique natural fabric. It is an ancient art form and can be used to create stunning decorations, novelty items and garments – in this case sparkly Christmas baubles!

Who Is This Workshop For?

For those with no previous knowledge of wet felting who would like to have a go, and for anybody who wants to add a bit of sparkle to their tree!


We will start with a demonstration, presentation and skill building session that will cover the basics – how to handle wool fibres, how to felt them together into a stocking using soap, water and bit of elbow grease, and how to attach the thread to your bauble so that it can hang. We will also be looking at adding a little sparkle using angelina fibres and by sewing on beads.

What Should I Bring With Me?

Just bring yourself as you will receive everything you need for use during the workshop. This workshop does involve getting wet so a smile and a sense of humour will be advantageous, ready for a fun session.

If you have any allergies or skin sensitivity please bring your own soap.

What Do I Take Home?

You will take home the baubles that you produce in the workshop. It will need to be dried at home so you will be provided with a plastic bag and the knowledge of what to do next.


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Minimum Age: 14

Skills Required: None

Session Length: 2 hours

Number of Sessions: 1

Things To Bring: Just Yourself