Creative Spinning

Tutor: Dee Sayce
Length: 4 hours
Max Learners: 4

This workshop will help you to develop your existing spinning skills to use colour and texture to make special yarn for textile projects. Make your own art yarn using the ancient craft of spinning which can then be used in a knitting, crochet or craft project.

Who Is This Workshop For?

This workshop is suitable for those with existing spinning skills either on a drop spindle and/or spinning wheel.


  • Designing yarn and considering the use of colour, fibre and texture
  • Use of sheep fleece, alpaca, cotton, silk, flax and other materials
  • Experimental carding using a drum carder
  • Combing fleece and worsted spinning
  • Spinning using, over spinning, twists, core spinning, granny stacks, slubs, tufts and nubs
  • Adding beading and locks to yarn
  • Variations of plying, including Navaho plying
  • Combinations of above techniques

All of the samples made will be carefully labelled to enable you to repeat the processes when you go home.

What Should I Bring With Me?

You only need to bring yourself as you will be given all the materials and equipment you will need, however we would love to see some of the yarn your have spun previously so if it’s handy please bring along a few samples for a bit of a ‘show and tell’!

If you want to bring along your own spinning wheel, drop spindle and/or fleece fires etc. you are more than welcome but this is not a necessity at all.

You will also receive a buffet lunch with this workshop so please ensure you add any dietary requirements to your booking form.

What Do I Take Home?

You will take home all of the skills you learn and the yarn you produce during the session.



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Minimum Age: 8

Skills Required: Some (see description above)

Session Length: 4 hours

Number of Sessions: 1

Things To Bring: Just Yourself

Lunch is Included