Wet Felted Slippers

Tutor: Carol Wilson
Length: 7.5 hours
Max Learners: 6

Design, create and style a pair of colourful felt slippers from a variety of fine wool fibres, using slipper lasts and the wet felting technique. Wet-felting involves the creation of a fabric using the combination of wool fibres, soap, water and friction – AKA elbow grease!! It is a magical craft and the possibilities are endless!

Who Is This Workshop For?

This a fun and creative workshop is suitable for adults with a basic knowledge of flat wet-felting wishing to develop their skills and discover the possibilities of creating seamless, hollow forms around “lasts” (templates).


Over three sessions we will design and create a pair of fabulous felt slippers!

Session One

We will look at design ideas and how to lay down the wool fibres.  We will then build layers of colourful wool fibres, in a systematic way, to make slippers around lasts. Next we will felt them with warm water, soap and friction.  In this session we will make the left slipper.

Session Two

Using the skills developed in session one, we will use this session to create the right slipper.

Session Three

In the final session, discover how to achieve different styles before removing the slippers from the lasts.  Next we will cut, stitch, and sew on leather soles, and there will be options of other finishing touches to achieve a professional look

What Should I Bring With Me?

Just bring yourself and an apron if you have one. All the materials and equipment needed during the sessions will be provided. Faux leather/latex soles are available with notice for vegetarians/vegans

What Do I Take Home?

You will take home course notes, your finished slippers and a future of cosy toes!

Code: C01WFS

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Minimum Age: 14

Skills Required: Some (see description above)

Session Length: 2.5 hours

Number of Sessions: 3

Things To Bring: Just yourself