Joining Granny Squares

Tutor: Joanne Robinson
Length: 6 hours
Max Learners: 6

Granny squares are a great way to create your perfect blanket but joining can be a daunting task, with this course after just 3 sessions you will be a professional joiner and even better you might just enjoy it!

In each of the three sessions we will be mastering differing techniques of joining granny squares, one technique per session. The three methods that we have chosen are the most popular however if there is another that you would prefer, please let us know in advance and we can make some time at the end of the last session to include it as well.

Who Is This Workshop For?

This workshop is suitable for anybody aged 14 and over who has either completed the beginners crochet course or is proficient in chain, double and treble crochet. There will be just 6 learners on this course to ensure that you get lots of help from your tutor to create your perfect granny square project.


We will start by looking at examples of different ways to join granny squares and how each of them will make the overall piece feel – do you want a wide border to create a feature or something more simple, do you want to give the blanket some texture with raised edges or make sure it lays completely flat? We will be building on your existing knowledge of slip stitches, double crochets and treble crochets and working these into a joining method.

Session One

We will begin by looking at examples of different ways to join granny squares and how each of them differ in style, overall finish and time taken to complete. We will then move onto our first joining method, where your lovely tutor will demonstrate before giving you the opportunity to have a go yourself.

Session Two

During this session we will be working on our second method of joining, again looking how if differs to the previous week and discussing the positives and possible negatives to it. Your tutor will of course be there to support you through every step.

Session Three

In our final session we will be experimenting with our third joining method and time will be allowed to discuss any further techniques that have not been discussed that you may like to work on at home.

What Should I Bring With Me?

Firstly; your lovely self, secondly; where would we be without any granny squares?! Therefore, for this workshop, for each session we need you to bring along 4 granny squares that have already been completed (12 squares in total). They can be any size you like, bearing in mind that large ones will take longer to join and tiny ones will take no time at all (and not give you much practise). The squares shown here are probably (as Goldie Locks would say) just right, at 5 rows wide.

If you want to bring along the same hook that you used to make the granny squares, that would be great, but don’t worry as we have spares if you forget. You should also bring a ball of wool that you would like to use as your joining colour in the same weight as you made your squares in.

What Do I Take Home?

You will be taking home all the skills that you have learnt throughout the 3 sessions, your 3 examples of granny square joining methods and pattern instructions for how to continue using these methods at home.


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Minimum Age: 14

Skills Required: Some (see description above)

Session Length: 2 hours

Number of Sessions: 3

Things To Bring:  Yes! See description above