Intermediate Crochet Cushion

Tutor: Karen Rogers
Length: 12.5 hours
Max Learners: 6

This course will take you a step further than our beginners’ crochet course, looking at how to combine the basic stitches in more complex ways to create texture and form while making a cushion cover. In the words of Bananarama “It’s ain’t what you do it’s the way that you do it, that’s what gets results!”

Who Is This Course For?

For those with a basic knowledge of crochet who want to develop their skills (min. age 11 – children must be accompanied by adults at all times). You should know the difference between the following stitches and be able to do them: slip stitch, double crochet, half treble, treble and chain.

If are able to read a basic pattern that’s great, if not you will have your tutor on hand to help so it is not an essential skill needed to participate in this course.


We will work through different stitch combinations and placements each week as we complete our very own cushion cover designed by Karen to be the perfect follow on from our beginners’ course. We will look at clusters, front post trebles, bobbles and more!

Each week you will need to do a few hours of crochet at home in addition to the time spent during the sessions at the studio to ensure your cushion is complete before the end of the course. This will help to reinforce your learning during the sessions and give you a great excuse to avoid cleaning the house as you will be doing your homework (please note, we accept no responsibility for any domestic issues caused by choosing crochet over cleaning).

Session One
Firstly we will look at which colour will go where if you have bought you own yarn, an original colourway or just fancy switching things up a bit. We will discover hints and tips when counting foundation chains and get started on both the front and the back of the cushion in this session. There will be some work into the third loop of your chains, picots and bobbles too!

Session Two
We will begin to create patterns with colours and look at the differences between wrong and right sides before moving on to creating the large corkscrew flowers that feature near the centre of the cushion. We will continue to work on the cushion back at the end of this session for a bit of a rest after those flowers!

Session Three
A jam-packed session with double trebles, bobbles, front post trebles, V stitches and a little waffle too! Sadly not real waffles but we will have biscuits so it’s not all bad.

Session Four
We will work through the central section of the cushion, joining the two halves together. There will be crossed trebles as well, before working to complete the back of your cushion ready for final touches in the last session.

Session Five
We will look at the finishing touches to your cushion including it’s button band, mini corkscrew flowers, how to sew it up and how to add a border to the outside edge if required.

What Should I Bring With Me?

You need to bring a 4mm and a 4.5mm hook with you, and if you wish to use your own yarn then you will also need five 100g balls of double knitting yarn. I recommend something non-fluffy or splitty like Stylecraft Special 100% acrylic yarn. You can use other yarns, but pick something friendly that is not prone to splitting or being fluffy as you don’t want to make your life harder unnecessarily.

If you know you crochet on the tight side I recommend bringing a 4.5mm and 5mm hook instead, or if you crochet loosely, a 3.5mm and 4mm instead – so that we can adjust your tension.

You will also need some buttons to fasten your cushion together but size, colour and number are entirely up to you. Advice will be given on the course so don’t worry if this is a bit too much choice!

If you wish you can purchase a pack of yarn from us when booking this course in one of the following colour ways:

Rose garden (pinks/greens)

Spring brights (purple/pink/yellow)

Autumn haze (teal/orange/brown)

Alternatively you can buy Stylecraft Special from us in the first session but if you are after specific colours please let us know in advance as we only hold limited stock.

Please note this course does not include a cushion inner as part of the cost so if you don’t have one you will need to purchase one. The pattern is designed for a 5ocm x 5ocm cushion but depending on your tension the size may vary which is why we recommend making your cover first before purchasing an inner so that you can get just the right size!

What Do I Take Home?

All the skills you learn, your completed cushion cover, your pattern and a urge to make more and more.

Code: C01FC

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Minimum Age: 11

Skills Required: Some (see description above)

Session Length: 2.5 hours

Number of Sessions: 5

Things To Bring: Yes! See description above